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Hi Nina, I wanted to say how amazing the astrology reading you did for me on Friday was. Tarot readings are good but my goodness, the astrology reading is truly so much better, so much more in depth. It is 100% the best reading I have ever had! (and that's many over the last 30 years) I am so grateful to you; I feel now able to focus on my future and I will remember the advice you gave me- that will give me the strength to get through the next few years of study! :-) Thank you also for reconnecting me to my Mum and helping me to release the hurt and for praying for her too. You are a special lady. I hope you have a lovely week away at your course. God bless and much love, Cathy Harrison xx


 Wishing You Many Blessings


Throughout September 2017 I am including an Astrological day Chart that I will use in conjunction with you Tarot Card Reading. (Free of Charge) Prior to booking if you can provide:

Your Full Birth Name
Your Date (and time) of Birth
Your Place of Birth ( Town, County and Country)

I can then print off the report ready to use during the reading. If that is not possible, I can input the information into the computer on the day and read from the screen.


Why Not book in to have your Personal Birth Chart reading by Nina?


What are your Strengths?


What are your Life Goals?


***Intuitive Counselling*** - NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE?


In TOTAL Confidentiality - I am here to Listen and Guide You to a personal satisfaction resolution.  


Welcome & Thank you for visiting Akashic Tarot's 

Tarot Card & Astrology Reading Service. 


Tarot Card Readings

I am available for bookings for your House Parties or Events for Tarot Card readings and Aura Photography parties.

If you are looking for a first-class Tarot Card Reading service, you have come to the right place! You can choose face to face, telephone or Skype readings.

I am a Psychic Clairvoyant and also have Mediumship skills. I have been a full-time Tarot Reader, Aura & Chakra Photographer, Spiritual Life Coach/Counsellor and Past Life regression Specialist since 1999. I also offer Astrology readings and very effective Emotional Release Therapy.

I have also certified as a Past, Present & Future Healing Therapist in 2002 my specialty covers Karmic Clearing, Cord Cutting & Entity Removal.

I uniquely use Light, Sound & Colour equipment and techniques to evoke from your subconscious mind, limiting memories and beliefs to enable you to cut yourself free of past experiences and emotions that bind and continue to affect you in your present day life. The techniques I very successfully use allow you to Set yourself Free! Letting you claim back your personal power and truly start to live in the Power of NOW!

Rest assured you have been Divinely Guided to come to the right place for help with your current situation. Your prayers have been answered. I am friendly, confidential and approachable. You will feel totally at ease in my presence.

Please check out the testimonial page HERE to reassure you of my ability to help you.


NEW!  I am now offering a Personal Astrology Reading Service

If you would like to purchase or are interested in finding out more about:

  • Your Full personal Birth (Natal) Chart (What does your Life Map look like? What Life lessons are you learning?
  • Your Solar (Birth Year) Chart. What's happening "This Year" for you? A chart of the planets energies Unique to you!

Please ring or email me. Providing me with the information requested below. Plus the main area in your life you may wish me to concentrate on. i.e. Work Love Life, Career etc. This allows me to focus on the most pressing area you need answers to.

Prior to booking if you can provide:

  • Your Full Birth Name
  • Your Date (and time) of Birth
  • Your Place of Birth ( Town, County and Country)

I am still available at short notice if you have a crisis or emergency just call me on:

07951 310 888 


I put you, my client, first. I listen to you and help you find what you need to work out positive solutions to your problems.

I am here for you: Mon - Sat 10am - 7pm to help you and answer any questions you may have.

Do not hesitate to contact me.


Nina x

P.S. I am also available for bookings for your House Parties for Tarot Card readings and Aura Photography parties. 

Starting in August 2017:

Classes & Private Tuition:

  1. Learn to read The Tarot Cards. 
  2. Psychic Development Classes.
  3. Beginners Guide to Palmistry.

The above teachings are aimed to give you a solid grounding in each skill set.

Limited places available to ensure maximum individual attention. So book early to avoid disappointment

Please email or ring for details!

Nina x 



Past Life Regression Sessions

Past Life Regression